Saturday, August 29, 2009


Glendale Township gathered today for its first Official Base Ball Practice.
There was quite a BUZZ when a few of them Bisbee Bees showed up to see what was happening.
"I think they may have sent spies" says one Glendale source. Little did he know that these fellas were here today to help Captain Bulldozer teach the fellas the game of Base Ball. Jim " Stretch" Gentner and Jimmy " Hustle" Roth both gave thier wisdom and knowledge of the game to the Boys from Glendale. Watch out , here come the GOPHERS!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back Home in Glendale

To all,

It's been a week over a year since I left the farm to play Base Ball with the Phoenix Senators. My contract has duely expired. I was given the option to re-sign, but politely declined so as to come home and learn the town about Base Ball. Farm and Family still intact, it's good to be home.
Oh, the stories i could tell.... We played Base Ball with the Cavalry boys up at Fort Verde fresh from plundering an Apache raid! Poor fellas, We let em off a serious whoopin' by callin the match at the end of the second inning. Twasn't quite fair of us to play them thata way, us all rested up an them just coming off an assignment. So we gathered up round the campfire at et the vittles that were prepared by the camp cooks. Them was some mighty fine vittles!
Our ventures took us to the town ship of Peoria next. We come across the Bisee fellas there. They was on another Barnstormin when we run up on them. Wasn't long an we put a whoopin on them as well. They started out out aceing us for the first few innings. wasn't long afore our Senators bats came to life an we started a rousting of them fellas. The last coupla innings found the Senators tallying up the aces and proclaiming victory.They licked thier wounds all the way back to Bisbee. Sorry fellas....
We were invited up to Preskit City to play a match before the Territorial Governer. Again we found the Bisbeeans there. They were the scheduled opponents for the Governers match. It was a good day for Base Ball. The sky was open and the weather was fair. Lot's of folks come out to see the match. I didn't know Preskit was such a big city! There, again, we delivered a pretty seriuos whoopin on the Bees. Our bats stayed alive the entire match. We ended up roustin them 39-16 aces. They're still lickin wounds over that one!
With near equal records, we once again faced the Bees in the Territorial Championship. This match was played in the Bees back yard. It was held in the border town of Bisbee. We played one of the first matches ever in the new Warren Ball Park. Our Phoenix Senators whooped up on the Bees in the first match of the series, but wern't so lucky in the second match. The Bees were smackin that ball around somethin serious. The Senators saving grace was that the match was called cause we run outta day light. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish the match the next day on account of a hullabaloo taking place in town. We had to jump our horses and wagons and skeedatle outa town. I have a feeling that our town of Glendale will see the pesky Bees again!
It's good to be home and i'm looking forward to learnin everyone about Base Ball.
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