Monday, November 16, 2009

October 17th Harvest Festival

Twas an unexpectedly hot day for mid October, with the Thermomometer hittin' up over the century mark. Life was good though.... The smells of hot Pies and Chili cookin' filled the air as Base Ball was played out on the field. No Heat Wave was gonna stop us rowdy fellas from playin' Base ball.

The First match saw the All-Star club from the Northwest Territory pitted against them Senators from Phoenix. The Match was well played until the later innings as the All-Stars ran away with the match. Final tally was All-Stars 22 aces to the Senators 5.

The Second Match was well played by the Bisbee Bees and the Local boys out of Glendale. As the temperature started to heat up so did the Match. The bats were alive and the defense was spectacular from both clubs. The Gophers ended up with a win in the last two innings with the final tally 14 aces to 6. The afternoon Championship was set. Bisbee would face off against Phoenix for the consolation match as Northwest Territories would face off against Glendale for the Championship Match.

With the first two matches played and the afternoon set, we all gathered for the Harvest Feast. The Chili and Pie contest was Judged by the Arbitrators, Tally Master and Honorary Judges, Mayor Bob Burnside from Camp Verde and Mr. Richard Saenz from the Phoenix News. After the judging we all partook in the vittles. Mr. John Linker was voted up for the Best Chili in these parts. Not only tasty, but SPICY!!! Mrs. Jerri Mikus was Judged with the best lookin' and tastin' pie this side of the Mississippi with her Famous Lemon Mirangue Pie, Mmm-Mmm-Mmm! Now that was tastey!

The Chillins' kept entertained with train rides and games of all sorts. They was flippin' dimes for dishes. Pitchin' bean bags for prizes and painting toys for arts and crafts. Later in the afternoon they all gathered up in Ol' Paul's back yard and greased up a pig for a pig chase. Yes, the day was good....

After the Vittles and all was done with and the dishes got cleaned and put away, we were back to playin' Base Ball. The consolation match had the Bisbee Bees playing with the Phoenix Senators. The Afternoon was extermely hot with the mercury climbing up to 103 degrees. This blistering heat still had no deterence from the Gentlemen playing Base Ball. The only problem we experience with the heat was the shade ran away to get out of the heat, leaving us out in the sun with no relief. The match played on however with the Bisbee Bees Victorious 11 aces to 5.

The Arbitrator and Tally Master had just about enough of the heat, so with a quick quenching drink of water they called the Championship Match to play. The Nortwest Territories All-Stars Struck first, but not often enough to hold back the on-slaught that came in the form of the Glendale Gophers. The Gophers were relentless in thier pursuit of the Championship trophy. With the Final inning played through, the Arbitrator called Match with the Gophers claiming the Championship with the Final Tally 12 aces to 5.

Oh, what a day that was had by all. We look forward to hosting everyone again next fall.