Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 6th 1860

The stage was set for a Showdown! The Black Sox and Bees of Bisbee and the Sauguaros up from Tucson came to visit The Gophers in Glendale. The Gopher Hole was trimmed and sacks were laid all that was missing were the Ballists to show up. Somewhere about 10:00 they started filing in one wagon at at time through the pass. By 11:00 we were set for a showdown. The Black Sox took the field against the Bees in the first match. It was a Bisbeean shoot out from the start. The weather was still fair and the dew had burnt off and there was fresh lime in the grass, marking the lines. The Match was pretty feirce from the 1st to the 7th inning, finding the Bees besting the Black Sox.
Next up was the Gophers Matching in with the Black Sox. The day had begun to warm up and we actually added a chunk of ice to the water bucket. Along with the day beginning to warm as did the competition on the field.Them Black Sox took on an early lead and never looked back. The Gophers were puzzled and discombobulated and never could recover. The Gophers wereBested by the Black Sox 14-4. Who woulda seen it coming? The Black Sox Strikers were relentless with the bats and the Gopher Gardners just couldn't run em all down.
Next Stage was the Bees Squarin off with the Saguaros. The Mighty Bee Brigade took advantage of the Hurler early on and the onslaught began. The Saguaros offense was duely subdued with the Bees swarmming the field and covering everything. The Saguaros tucked thier tails and conceeded in the 4th inning. Huzzah to the Bees for an undefeated start to this season.
The Final Match of the day pitted the Saguaros and the Gophers. The time was nearing 3:00 and the day had peaked at 90 degrees. One more chunk of ice to the water bucket and Match On! The Saguaros figured out the Striking thing and started producing runners. Both Clubs were out to avenge an earlier defeat. The Gophers mounted an early lead and had to work for the entire match to maintain it. The Saguaros put together a few rallies, but fell just 1 rally short, finally falling to the Gophers in the last of the 7th inning. A valiant effort put forth... Huzzah! to the Saguaros for putting up the good fight.
Next week the Gophers travel North to visit the Prospectors from the Northwest.

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