Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready to play!

Saturday found us in the midst of a joint practice with "dem boys from Bisbee" again. With the Bees, Gophers and a few town boys, we had 10 men out on the prairie shaggin and swattin base balls around. I'm thinkin we found our First Sacker. Hoss has a pretty sure hand over there. Second sack is still a toss up, but Ole Books seems to have a pretty good handle on it. Kid Linker, me thinks, will rove around as our Middle Maintainer. We still need to figure out who's gonna field as the Behinder as well as Gardeners. I'm thinkin that we'll have Frenchy take on Left Gardener , Papi Ramirez patrolling out the Center Garden with Blondie taking care of the right side. I'm thinkin that Preacher can either Hurl or pick up as the Behinder with Way-out Smythe doing the other. We also have Smitty that can pick up any position needed. I heard that smitty has some time in the Professional arena with a club from New York, maybe you've heard of the Dodgers Club Nine?
After practice concluded, we made our way to Town Hall and had a town meeting. It has been decided that we are all itchin to have a match. I sent out by telegraph an invite to a few clubs from neighboring towns to come out in a few weeks to put on a few matches. We invited the Bees out of Bisbee, the Senators out of Phoenix and the Stars from that Sun city place. Hopefully we'll get em all to come out, as this is the time that Glendale holds it's Harvest Festival.
I can't wait for the for the Festival this year! I hear that Granny Linker is bringin one of her Famous Pies for the Bakin and eatin contest. I loves me a slice of Granny Linkers Pies! I'm also told that we're gonna have some Of the Cavalry boys from Fort Verde down to make sure they ain't no Apache raids of the Festival. Can't never be too careful with them Apache's on the Warpath! We'll see what else happens in October.....


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