Friday, October 9, 2009

Headed North

With the War getting heated and the Apaches on the Offensive, we have been asked to make our way up to Ft. Verde to help the already battle weary Cavalry. With Fall in the air and the Harvest coming up from the fields, the concern is that an Apache raid is eminant! We've been recruited to help secure the Fort while the Boys in Blue watch over the Farmers and escort them in to Market.

I got the Wagon all hitched and ready to pull out at first light. I have enough provisions to get the family through the three day haul up the hill. I loaded light knowing that the Mountain range twixt Glendale and Ft. Verde is a steep, long haul.

To all my fellow Gophers, I have room in the Wagon if'n there's anyone what needs help getting up to Ft. Verde. The Mules have been out to pasture and are well rested for the trip. I'm gonna tether ol' Daisy and Emma up to the wagon for when we hit the Mountains outside of Black Canyon. The Oxen can pull the wagon a bit easier than the Mule team up that steep terrain.
Happy Trails and God Bless.

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