Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contract with the Senators.

I was invited to see the Bisbee Bees have a match last evening up in Peoria. I made my way up there to find that the Bees Right Gardener was taken with an illness. Captain Tenney asked if i'd like to give it a go. I was a little nervous and excited all at once. As the match went on, i started to understand a bit about Base ball. There seems to be a lot of rules. I don't know if i'll ever be able to remember them all???
As my first appearance as a Striker, i didn't fare so well. It's harder to hit that round ball with round bat that it appears to be. I kept "foul ticking" the ball to the "Behinder". If he catches the ball on one bound after a tick, you are recorded as a "dead man". so i need to learn how to strike with authority. I was pretty good out in the garden. I caught everything in sight!
After the match, i was approached by Captain Singh of the Phoenix Senators. He was mighty impressed with my prowess in the garden and henceforth signed a contract with me for the term of 1 year. Under contract, i must travel with the Club Nine from Phoenix. The contract is for the amount of $150.00 this year. If I can make that kind of money every year, i could buy a bigger farm!
I am to leave my home tonight for the term of 1 year to have matches with the Senators, where ever they may roam. I have trusted the farm to my Wife and Children as i venture off with the Senators. I will be taking my oldest boy with me so we can both learn this game of Base ball and bring it back with us to Glendale.
I hope to see everyone soon, as i know i will miss my Family and my farm. Please look forward to having matches with all the towns in our territory. As i understand, Base ball is sweeping across our Country to every town from one coast to the next.

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