Monday, July 20, 2009

Field of Dreams

So it came to pass that i was looking for a bit of Prairie to construct a playing field. What i found was a simply PERFECT plot back behind the ol' West Valley Family Church. So i went out in search of the Parson to inquire. To my surprise i found Preacher Foley out by the tool shed. So i did inquire and he gave me his blessing with God's speed. I sized things up a bit an figured that it could be done, but i'd need a bit of help. My next stop? Why i ran straight over to Hoss Montgomery's place. He came out to the Church plot and we sized things up together. Hoss said to me " Meet me here tomorrow morning and we'll get started." Tickled pink, i went on back to the homestead to finish off my chores and get a jump on tomorrows as well. Come night fall, i went straight to bed. I was so excited that even forgot to eat my supper.
Come the Roosters crow i was up and at em. Took care of the animals and threw a saddle on ol' Pokey and ran in to town. Hoss was already there with his team of mules and a plow. With a gentle whistle and a hi-yah, Ford and Tractor (Hoss's mules) began to plow the overgrown plot. I'll tell you, what a team those two are. between them and Hoss, the plot was plowed in the inside of a single day. What a good days work the three of them had accomplished. The next morning, Hoss and the team pulled a drag around that ol plot and smoothed it right out. All i had to do was walk along and pull out the clumps of weeds and such that had been tilled from the soil.
The folks from the Church had put together a brigade and constructed a fence around the plot. the fence was plenty big and perfectly shaped to be a Base ball field. I hearded a few cattle over and Hoss left Ford and Tractor for a few days. within a short time they had the prairie grass neatly trimmed out in the "garden". all that was left was to clean up a few pies and apples left behind by the grass trimming crew.... All we need now is to learn the game of Base ball and put together a team.

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