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Glendale Post July 12, 1860

Glendale Post July 12, 1860
Last evening the Township of Glendale held their first ever town meeting. The articles brought forth to the meeting were overshadowed by the buzz surrounding the hullabaloo created when the barnstorming Bisbee Bees base ball club came through town on the way to our neighboring Phoenix town. Appearantly Phoenix has gathered a group of fellas to play the game of Base ball. My guess is that they are from the Government. I have been told that they are the Senators of our territory.
I have been asked to search out this game of Base ball and report back to the town council with my findings. The club nine from Bisbee has all of our farmers and store owners in an uproar wanting to know more about this Base ball game. I am on my way to Phoenix today to see if i can catch our territorial Senators to find out more about this game. I will report back when I return.
Look for our next printing to find out more about this so called game of Base ball, as i will have a full page article in our one page paper
More to come....

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